I developed BayBass.com in 2012. I enjoy the open sharing of information, and I like to write, so this was a terrific platform for me to get info out to other anglers, and share tips and tactics. I happen to know these local waters VERY well, yet I never stop learning or listening to pointers from others.    I have a passion for helping others bend their rod, teaching them the water, the technique, the presentation, and the hookset.  I saw that there was very little online info on the Northern VA and MD waters and many anglers were struggling for help when posting questions online.  I strive to give the most detailed and up to date reports for the MD and VA waters, and I'm known for "keeping it 100".  BayBass.com has helped tens of thousands of MD and VA anglers and we strive to retain these followers through accurate and updated information and assistance in the forums.  Although I'm not going to give up hundreds of spots in each report, I'll go as far as I can to point you in the right direction with techniques and the accurate details you need to learn a new body of water or sharpen your skills on a river system you've fished for decades.  I also need YOUR help.  You may know a specific body of water much better than I do.  Perhaps we can share info and trips.  Join the forums for real bass fishing info and assistance from area experts.  BayBass.com is downloaded over 25,000 times a month and is the #1 trusted source for bass fishing info in MD and VA. The site is close to approaching 1 million downloads as of 3/17.  The numerous companies you see listed with banner ads are far more than advertisements or lists of my "favorite companies".  I could not fish as often as I do and afford the sport without their financial and product support.  Read about my background below.

I'm the 4th generation Novotny to grow up on the water in Baltimore MD, with a family home on the Middle River waterfront which is still in the family and my home "port" being Wilson Point Park, and Stansbury Yacht Basin.  Growing up as a child I was taught the sports/trades of crabbing, fishing, clamming, and more using a jon boat/row boat, and anything else that floated. My family had initially purchased numerous lots on Wilson Point back in 1920, and was one the most productive builders on the point with a home that still stands strong today. Tied up to the pier when I was 12 years old, was my first "bass boat," a brand new Tracker TX-17, with a 40hp Johnson.  I obtained my boating license in MD 3 years before ever taking drivers education (1992).  My father and I later upgraded to a new 21' Skeeter in 1997, and since then I've owned five Ranger Boats which I find to be a terrific investment, both for use and resale.  I have over 25 years experience running bass boats on the Upper Chesapeake Bay and Potomac river.  I grew up fishing these waters without GPS. I used lighthouses, and constelllations at times to navigate in the dark by myself arcoss the bay in a 17' Tracker TX-17 starting at 12 years old.  I didn't fish braid and fluorocarbon was not invented yet..... neither was the drop-shop, the shakey-head, the senco, 7' bass rods, 4-stroke motors,101 lb thrust trolling motors, Power Poles, 20' bass boats with 250hp motors, and more.  

I specialize in fishing and crabbing the Upper Bay and Potomac, including areas on the Upper Bay around the Patapsco River, Back River, Middle River, Seneca Creek, Saltpeter Creek, Dundee Creek, Bird River, Gunpowder River, Bush River, Susquehanna River, North East River, and Bohemia River.  I tend to stay north on the Potomac around Occoquan, Mattawoman, Pomonkey, Powells, Piscataway, Broad, Belmont, and Chicamuxen.  I fish for largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass all year long in these areas, as well as the Shennandoah North and South Forks, and dozens of Northern Virgina lakes and reservoirs such as Burke Lake, Germantown Lake, Beaver Dam Reservoir, Lake Brittle, Occoquan Reservoir, and dozens of smaller lakes and ponds in the Reston, Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, and Chantilly area.  My reports are real, my time on the water is real, and my knowledge of these areas is tough to match.  You will NEVER read/find a more honest detailed, and helpful fishing report in the MD & VA area.  

I greatly thank my family for introducing me to the outdoors and teaching me the waters of the Upper Chesapeake, as well as my great grandfathers who settled both sides of the family on the Middle River waterfront in 1920 and passed down the hotspots, patterns, and even antique lures, rods, and reels from the early 1900's which I still have today.  I happen to have a real passion for teaching others the tricks and techniques that have made me the angler I am today, and every now and then I throw a tournament in the mix for fun. Take a kid fishing, and teach them about the outdoors. It's a wonderful outlet/hobby to have and the whole family can enjoy it.

Thanks for checking out Baybass.com and check in often as the info is always fresh and updated.  Also remember that anyone who does not support your true hobbies/outlets/passions/love for the outdoors/ is not a friend or loved one, but just another road block in your path through life.  Remove these people and don't even look back. Privacy Policy below.


Tight Lines,

-Bryan "BayBass" Novotny




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