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The bass in the local lakes such as Lake Anne, Newport, Fairfax, Audubon, Burke, Brittle and more, are in pre-spawn mode with water temps in the mid to high 50's.  They are moving shallow on the sunny days and have been hard to catch as they sun themselves up shallow.  We've witnessed hundreds of bass cruising the shallows, but they are easily spooked unless you can sneak up on them.  Most were smaller males, but we did see a dozen or so fish between 5 and 8lbs cruising the banks.  Some of these fish were so shallow their backs were almost out of the water.  


April 1st 2012 trip (Prefishing Upper Bay with Tibor and Greg)

We launched out of Mariner Point Park in MD 4/1/12 in a Ranger 350V on the Gunpowder River to practice for an upcoming tournament April 7th.  After a slow morning with my solid 3.7oz jig fish, we got into some real hawgs in some deeper water near a major spawning area in a close by river.  I stuck another one 17.5"/4lb on a 1oz Spinnerbait, and then Tibor got into some pigs as he normally does.  His first was 21.5"/6lb + and second was 20" 5.5lb, both within a few casts of eachother.   We could not locate the 5th fish, but this 4 fish limit was 19lbs, and thats a solid bag.


WINTER FISHING REPORT- Dec 1st 2011-March 18th 2012

"Absolutely amazing" is the only way to describe the fishing in late fall of 2011 into the early spring of 2012.  The Striped bass season on the Upper Chesapeake was best in November of 2011 with water temps in the mid 40's.  We caught hundreds of fish 18" to 25" with the largest being right at 5lbs.


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