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Super price on reels
« on: October 02, 2016, 12:38:35 PM »
 I am a member Bass Boat Central. They have a board sponsor called The Tackle Trap and the representative for them goes by Bronzefly.  He has offered 3 different reels for BBC members only. The first is a Daiwa Tatula CT (the newest version of the Tatula line) It is a bit narrower and a bit smaller overall. To me it is close to the dimensions of an Exceler. It has a different spool so it carries the same amount of line as an original Tatula. Anyway the price is $100 shipped to your door. Mine came in just 3 days.
The second reel is a Lews Custom Speed Spool for $140 shipped.  Lastly they have the Shimano Casitas and that is $100 shipped.
If you need a new reel get a free membership and give them a call or e-mail.  I did mine by paypal and it turned out great.  I like the new tatula CT. This is like my 6th Diawa so I kinds am glad I have them. My arsenal include 1 Exceler, and the rest Tatula, and Tatula type Rs and now one CT.