Author Topic: Bass Boat Trailer - Who to call? Who is best locally in Va? Capt Wardog’s Story  (Read 334 times)


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BayBass Bryan posted this for Brian Warfell (Capt. Wardog)

BayBass heads,

Welding - &S Welding - 1272 Easy St., Woodbridge, VA 22192 (703)906-7266 (Carlos)

Sandblasting - Sandblast America- 6974 Wellington Rd, Manassas, VA 20109 (703) 392-5570 (Michelle)

Rhino Lining - Rhino Linings of Woodbridge - 1340 Profit Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22191 (703) 490-1133 (Ahmad or Chris)

CptWardog here.  A couple weeks ago when launching my Ranger Z21 in OCC Regional park not only did my boat launch off the trailer, a bunk did too (completely ripped off the bunk supports).  After rigging the bunk back on with 4 ratchet straps I was able to recover my boat by
the end of the day.  That was the catalyst to come off some cash to take care of my trailer.   

The next weekend I parked my boat on my neighbors dock and started digging in on my trailer.  I got the bunks off and noticed I needed to replace all but one of them, but when I took off the fenders noticed I had significantly more problems.  Unfortunately the previous owner had used the boat a bunch in the Chesapeake (salt/brackish water).  Water got trapped between the Ranger Road Armor coating and the metal frame and over time the salt just started to eat away on the frame and other components causing rot and bubbles in multiple places.  Ranger parts had most of the items I thought I originally needed (bunk supports and brackets), but more had to be cut off and fabricated to complete the job.

I found a great welding service in Woodbridge, VA that did the work (J&S Services - owner - Carlos Merida).   He not only had to cut off 10 more pieces I didn't get to, he had to fabricate 8 pieces and complete 26 welds in total.  His welding guy did such an incredible job.   All fabricated pieces matched exactly to the original, all the pieces were angled exactly correct and he even welded in the bolts on the 4 side fender supports just like factory.   Now it's off to the sandblaster in Manassas and then Rhino Linings in Woodbridge after the blasting.

Total welding cost came in at $300, sandblasting quote was $300-$400, and the Rhino lining quote $400.  Those expenses including new Ranger trailer stickers, trailer tongue, bunk carpet, bunk support brackets, hardware, Aluminum rivets, brake lines ($200) I will have $1300-$1400 into it, which sure is quite a bit less than a new Ranger trailer ($5-6k) and will look almost like new.  If you have any questions about the project or the vendors listed above, give me a shout.   I will also update after Sandblasting and then again after Rhino Lining it.

CptWardog (Brian Warfel)
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That looks like they got you fixed up well.  Now the question is do you really need to have a Ranger trailer under your Ranger boat? For $5,000 to $6000 the price is no! 
The problem is you spent roughly $1400 into it.  Up here in Baltimore, most of the guys that run into what you did look to Dave's Boat Trailer Sales for either a replacement gin galvanized or aluminum.  They have been selling Load Rite, Karavan and Venture trailers for decades. In my opinion the Load Rite trailers are the preferred trailer. For a Galvanized trailer to replace yours you would have probably looking at a price around $2000 and $2500. A new Aluminum would have been a little more, maybe around $3000.  I know this because I just replaced the one under my boat this spring. Now I realize my boat is only an aluminum hull but that price is in the neighborhood of what others have paid for theirs.  My initial price for the trailer was around $1800, but I had some customization done as I wanted a swing away tongue, side boards, rear poles and led lights etc.  It fits my needs and helps me SEE where my boat is when launching at a ramp in the dark. This is a difficult thing for me sometimes since I have vision in only one eye.  Anyway with all of the things I wanted I have a new trailer that fits my boat like a glove, not to mention the torsion axle rides like it is floating on air, which is much quieter than the original trailer.  My all in price was around $2200. I just wanted someone reading this topic to at least consider pricing out one of these as an option since most of us are going to continue launching in the salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  If you look at the trailers in the parking lots during some of the larger tournaments you will see many of the boaters have gone this route up here on the northern end of the Bay.