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When most animals are attacked or feel threatened, they release chemicals from the adrenal glands; cortisone or corticosteroids.  Humans release these same chemicals. The chemicals cause adrenalin rushes that give animals more energy/power to engage in the "fight or flight" response. This is commonly exhibited when a bass violently bangs around inside a livewell after fighting on the end of an anglers line.

A bass that is restrained in some fashion such as in a livewell without it’s head and eyes covered, causes the bass to continue the “fight or flight” response causing prolonged stress and additional chemical releases.  The result is a build up of cortisone or corticosteroids in the muscle tissue; "backfire". This causes the bass to overdose on adrenaline chemicals which causes even more stress. Call it a “panic attack” of sorts.

Covering the head and eyes of a bass helps decrease the amount of adrenalin released. Therefore, the “fight or flight” response is minimalized and the bass will remain relatively/comparatively calmer while being transported to another location, even in a 2’ chop at 60mph.

Glory Bags help calm the bass and significantly aid in controlling the fishes panic attack, most evident when first introduced to their new environment aka livewell. Throughout the tournament day, the bass is often reminded of this capture and inability to escape.  This is easily triggered by noise or movement such as placing another fish in the livewell or even a co-angler moving around on the back deck.  We as humans have breathing exercises and cognitive behavioral therapy which work wonderfully to control panic attacks.  Bass only have Glory Bags. ;)

I’ve used them for years and I can personally attest to their success when keeping fish calm and alive without regurgitating food and losing weight causing the angler a loss of earnings/placement. Glory Bags has been a BayBass sponsor for a few years now and I’m proud to continue this relationship.
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-Bryan “BayBass” Novotny 
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