Author Topic: The BEST and most versatile 6’6 spinning rod ever made  (Read 229 times)


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The BEST and most versatile 6’6 spinning rod ever made
« on: July 30, 2018, 10:08:26 PM »
This Loomis IMX blank, also available through Kistler (they use Loomis blanks- North Fork Composites)

I use this model in the GL2 which is a step down from the IMX.  If bands of money (full Grips)  8) were to fall on me, I’d buy 5 of these.

The level of Loomis goes like this:

NRX- $500-$600
GLX- $350-450 
IMX- $250-350 
GL2- $200-250

And BTW, you don’t need 7’0 spinning rods!  Why the heck are guys who are 5’8’, using 7’0 spinning rods to skip sencos and trick worms??? Ya’ll are cuttin’ up!!  Longer is NOT better unless you need leverage and line pick up, such as punchin’ , froggin’ or Carolina riggin’ or shakey heads. If you are fishing close quarters, stay the heck away from anything over 6’6”.  I have owned ZERO 7’0 spinning rods over the years, however for deep shakeyheads, I MAY go to a 7’0 this year.

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