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Reston Report
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:42:11 AM »
Hello Everyone

Sorry I have not written anything forever..however the past 5 months I have been preparing for my move back to Reston Va. I now live right on the upper lake Thoreau. I have been fishing it the past 6 days in a row, however only from the walkway below my condo. I did get out once on my 12 foot party barge which is awesome to fish from. The fishing actually the past few days has been kinda tough The water temps are on the drop around 64 to 66 degrees. The fish for a good part are still relating to the grass close to deeper water. I have been catching them in the grass in water from 4 feet to about 7 feet down. The fish fish are eating a variety of baits. Spinnerbaits, wacky rigs, bottom fished plastics etc crankbaits and lipless baits such as XR-50s etc. The water clarity is approx 2 feet so it has good clarity for now. I will continue to produce reports on Occoquan river and Reston as the weather really begins to cool, and my move and all this work is now over..back to the fishing schedule. I will be in touch. Tightlines and when on the ALWAYS....BE CAREFUL. Dennis

Keep Fishin !!