Author Topic: Occoquan River Potomac TERRIBLE conditions 11/18/18 Sunday  (Read 210 times)


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Occoquan River Potomac TERRIBLE conditions 11/18/18 Sunday
« on: November 19, 2018, 08:02:33 AM »
Launched at 1pm and pulled out at 4pm.  Wife and mother in law went out for a few hrs with me in the Blue Magic.  Water was super high and debris were scattered everywhere all over the river.  Huge logs, tree stumps, trash, tires, and more. 

Water visibility was 2 INCHES. 
Water temp was ONLY 43.  It had dropped 10 degrees in 10 days.
Air temp was 47.

We spent 1hr riding around outside of the no wake zone just to run some fuel through the motor, and 2hrs fishing.  We only managed 2 bass largest 15” and chunky.  One caught on a Bitsy Bug 3/8oz jighead with the skirt removed and a black BayBass Bug, fished on 15lb braid and the second on a 4” watermelon senco on a 1/8oz darter head fished on 6lb cxx. 
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Re: Occoquan River Potomac TERRIBLE conditions 11/18/18 Sunday
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Thats tough man. But good job catching what you did. Cold muddy !! tough tough tough. Good job...Dennis
Keep Fishin !!