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Reston Report 12/13/18
« on: December 14, 2018, 12:36:56 AM »
Howz it goin everyone I got out on the lake today for almost 5 hours. It was very tough with cold water temps and no breeze at all. The water temp was between 38 and 40, visibility 3 feet. I fished main lake points with a drop shot rig...a 3/8 oz blade bait ...and 2 different jerkbaits. I found fish holding from 11 feet down to 22 feet. I' did not locate any decent sized groups of fish, it seems as if they were spread out for some reason. I caught 1 fish in 5 hours that was 13 inches long on a pointer 100xd, the fish I located were all stuck to the bottom and looking up it appeared on my electronics. The fish I caught came from about 12 feet of water. I was throwing the 100 xd on P-Line 8 lb cxx in moss green. I was pausing my jerkbait for up to 15 seconds on some retrieves . I was using 1 suspend dot on the nose at the base of the bill. It was tough but I wanted to see where the fish were. Be Safe and Tightlines everyone.....Dennis Merry Christmas !!!!
Keep Fishin !!