Author Topic: Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) Speaks Out Against Possible Omega Protein Certif  (Read 252 times)


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Recommend not supporting Omega Protein Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification for menhaden.  MSC certification means the menhaden is a sustainable resource.  Please read Chesapeake Bay Foundation comments in article web site. If you concur with not supporting Omega Protein Certification, send email by January 4 2019 to 
Summary of key points
MSC certification means the menhaden is a sustainable resource Chesapeake Bay foundation disagrees.
I do not support Omega Protein certification.  The following Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s comments of December 13, 2018 provide justification for my position.
Chris Moore, a senior scientist with the foundation says the company is not even following the guidelines for Atlantic Coast fishery management.
According to Moore, Omega Protein has fought the guidelines, making Virginia the only state of 15 states not in compliance with the plan.
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation also described ecological impacts if menhaden harvest numbers were to increase.
Moore says limiting harvests of the species would keep them from declining further.
“The menhaden population in Chesapeake Bay has been lower than historical numbers for about the last 20 years or so, and actually the part of the management plan that Omega Protein fought was the piece that would have helped ensure we actually had a healthier population,” Moore states.

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