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« on: June 02, 2016, 09:57:39 PM »
I've been running my own Rangers since 2003 when I purchased my first one, a 1989 350V with a Johnson GT150.  Four Ranger Boats later, I'm on my FIFTH Ranger.  I have yet to lose a SINGLE PENNY after buying one.   I at least broke even after years of use, and I profited off one nearly $1,500.  Resale value is HUGE.  Rangers depreciate less than any other manufacturer, and this is very obvious when you start boat shopping.  I have ridden in and driven nearly every make and model bass boat you could ever imagine, and yet I keep going back to Ranger.  It's not just due to the "name".  You'll see that when you ride in my 22 year old nearly all original Ranger.

If you've never ridden in a Ranger, you need to be in one for a few miles as I run the Potomac in some tougher conditions/swells/chop.  Folks are blown away with how this thing handles, especially now with it set up the way it is. 

Watch the below, and you'll have a totally new respect for Ranger, whether your boat says Ranger, Champion, Bass Cat, Allison, Stratos, Phoenix, Nitro, or Bullet, you'll be impressed and you will learn something I promise.  There is no way anyone on here or any other fishing site, has ever learned what is in these below videos.

If you'd like a test ride, we can arrange it.  My boat is 22 years old (68 in boat years) and she'll still knock your socks off and make your heart race (the excitement type of race) in the right conditions.  ;)  If you're up for it, and don't mind signing a legal waiver, hit me up.

If you currently own or ever want to own a fiberglass or aluminum bass boat, you've GOT to watch this.  No-where else will you ever learn more about how bass boats are made, and the differences between manufacturers.  PERIOD.  These videos and this spokesman, are BAD ASS.

Ranger Boats Factory Tour Introduction

Ranger Boats Factory Hull Lamination

Ranger Boats Hull and Deck Assembly

Ranger Boats Factory Tour Gel-Coat

Ranger Boats Trailers

Ranger Boats Factory Finishing Department

Ranger Boats Upholstery Department

Ranger Aluminum Boat Plant Tour
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Fishing is not my hobby, and a bass boat is not a “toy”. Fishing is a way of life in which I can’t do without. I fish in Ranger Boats. If those close to you don’t support your way of life, remove them. Life is short and kayaks are shorter. God is good, so get to know him. Hillary smells like sulfer.