Weather Problems in April

The bass have pulled out of the shallows, especially the large females that were up cruising banks looking for spawning territory and beds, especially the bass on the VA waters.  The bass have abandoned the beds in the VA ponds and lakes and the Upper Bay has cooler water temps now than it did in the last week of March 2012, so the fishing has been off, unless you revert back to your winter holding patterns.  With night time lows in the mid to high 30's, the bedding crappie that were mid-spawn and bass beginning to bed have all pulled off, except for a few really determined fish.  
You can catch small males (buck bass) all day if you choose to.  They will still be up shallow when the tide and wind are right, but the larger females are back in the pre-spawn holding areas in deeper water, yet still close to the spawning territory they were seeking out less than 15 days ago, when water temps on the Upper Bay in some creeks reached 62-65.  Grass beds and other forms of SAV are not popping up yet in the many areas of the Upper Bay and Potomac River.  Bridge Pilings and deep docks near spawning grounds and secondary hard bottom points off the main rivers are holding the larger fish.  The runoff and cold water from the recent rains will hit the Susquehanna around April 28th, and will push the bass deeper, and close to cover near current to ease their ability to feed.  The 1/4oz Texas rigged or shakeyhead craws and creature baits are the go-to when it's tough with an 8-10lb quality line.  When the wind is howling, pick up the largest spinnerbaits you can find and chuck them on the windblown riprap, rockpiles and bridge pilings.  Bring yout anchor to hold in position, forget the trolling motor when trying to needle and thread an area.  Chris V is leading the Baybass crew this past week with a 5.5lb hawg out of a Northen VA lake this past week.  See photo #42 of Northern VA waters, and be sure to check out the HOTSPOTS pics (you must register to see them), just updated today 4/24/12....lots of photos have been added and I took away the water so you can see whats under it.  ;)  
Tight Lines.......and keep your eyes open for "floaters" as the rains bring the debris down the rivers.....keep the life vest on at all times when running, and invest in a life vest that will float you upright if you were to get thrown out in an accident.  Make sure your kill switch is attached to you as well.  It CAN happen to anyone......BE SAFE!!!!!