The ordering and design of a true "CUSTOM ROD"......

I've purchased several "custom rods" prior, from a few different rod makers, but just a few days ago I finished up the design and consultation regarding a 7'0" Custom Rattletrap and Jerkbait rod meant for long distance launching of 3/4oz Rattletraps and larger suspending Jerkbaits.  Tom from Tom's Custom rods out of Baltimore MD spend 3 days and numerous calls and emails to ensure I was going to get exactly what I wanted, and even consuted with the VP of a rod blank manufacturing company to make sure the blank was exactly what I needed, as there were several different choices available, from several different manufactures.  
This particular rod was purchased for handling the larger 20-30" Stripers and largemouth I commonly find on the Upper Bay's river systems  while long distance casting to rockpiles, loading piers, and along bridge pilings and points.  Tom and I designed the rod down to the smallest detail, including guide type and insert colors, guide sizes, blank color, handle length, wrapping, type of handle (cork or EVA), length of handle, reel seat type and color, and butt cap design and color. This is going to be one heck of a project for Tom, as every detail of this process will be axactly as I designed it.  Without giving too much away, I'll be using a slower action tip, with a ton of backbone on a 7'0" MH feather light blank in grey color with blue and purple wrapping, blue guide inserts, EVA grips with rubberized design overlay, and a custom blue chrome reel seat, split grip handle with blue and purple design, butt cap, and more.   I'll keep everyone updated as to how the project is going and I'm expecting a completion date around May 23rd or so.  The investment of these custom rods ranges from $150- $400 depending on what you desire, with 60% down as a deposit for materials which in my case ALL had to be custom ordered.  Tom does accept Credit Cards too.  I just paid cash up front and got it over with, and the wife wasn't too upset, after seeing numerous photos of his work.  LOL  To see examples of Tom's work, see my "Sponsors" page, as I've posted a few examples on there of a rod he has just recently designed for a female Baltimore Raven's Fan.  (Sorry to offend anyone who is not a Ravens Fan)    ;) 
If you have a specific interest to find out what blank I'll be using, contact Tom directly as he'll make the identical blank for you as well.  I'll post pictures and write a detailed review on the rod after I receive it and take it out on my very first outing most likely on the Upper Bay, Lower Potomac,  or a local VA lake. Tom's contact info, and pictures of his work can be also seen on my Sponsor's page along with my discount code.  -Tight Lines