Without going into a ton of background on this one, it's best you just go to see the short film/video.  In short, there are companies out there treating the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries like an outhouse, and the agencies in charge of protecting us against such companies are protecting them and the wrongdoing while turning a blind eye.

Well before it went public that indeed there was a relationship between some of the two companies higher-ups, I predicted that indeed this was the case.  The truth is now out, and it has only just begun. (see links far below).  The numbers regarding the pollution to the Potomac River from the Quantico Creek Coal Ash Ponds, are staggering.  It's a miracle anything lives anywhere near there, but yet at the mouth you'll often see kids, and anglers wading in the water fishing or just messing around on a hot summer day.  Water skiers, jet skiers, bass boats, sail boats, pleasure boats, and row boats all launch from less than a few hundred yards of the discharge.  When you read about the levels of contaminants in the water, you'll understand the severity and I doubt you'd be spending any more time in the water.

We've all been looking for an answer to the bass issues of the Potomac in recent years.  Some blame the snakehead, some blame tournament relocation and pressure, others blame the lack of SAV, some think nothing at all is wrong.  I honestly don't know who or what to blame and I've heard all the arguments and been fishing the river 20+ years, but I'll sure as heck start out by blaming those who purposely dump millions of gallons of toxic coal ash into the river.  While I blame them, I may as well blame those hired to protect us from such a hazard, who turned a blind eye until they were caught red-handed.  Shouldn't we all start there?  

The oil spill was a totally seperate issue however ALSO involving both parties at hand, Dominion Power, and the DEQ.  That was a mess and the details are still stirring.  More dirt on that in the future.

Please see the movie in Alexandria 3/31, or in Dumfries 4/5.  (see above flyer)

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-Bryan Novotny