Day 2- The day started off nice with a few clouds in the sky and the air temp was near 60 degrees first thing in the morning.  Water temp at the dock was 59.  Stonehouse creek was slightly stained but still had almost 3 feet of visibility. We ran down river from Stonehouse creek to the mouth of Pea Hill Creek  to a road bed I had been looking at for quite a while but just never fished.  We fished the road bed for a about an hour with no luck except for 1 small spotted bass Rob caught with his Rapala slow rising jerk bait.   I slow rolled my double willow and threw an Alabama rig, Carolina Rig, and I also cranked it with a Norman Deep little N .

Looking for action, we ran back to an area we had done well at before however we could not find any bait at all. As I mentioned from day 1 the shad were down suspended at the 8 to 12 foot level no matter what kind of water the boat sitting in. If it was shallower then 8 to 12 it was a dead zone. The wind all morning was getting stronger and Rob and I decided to go ahead and leave Pea Hill Creek, and return to our main lake rock point pattern on the North Carolina side.  We ran to some of our more productive points and Rob caught a couple of spotted bass on a jerkbait and Carolina rig.  The fish on our points were scattered, and were not in there as thick as we’d like, so we left to fish road beds and deep stump fields inside Big Stonehouse Creek to look at some rock points. We fished the points for a while with no luck.

We ran to the very back of Stonehouse under the tunnels to a shallow 3 to 6 foot gnarly stump field we know very well.  Everything looked perfect back there.  By this time it was becoming mid afternoon and the wind was really up approx. 25 to 35 mph.  Despite it looking great, there was no action. We ran to a danger area at the mouth of Big Stonehouse where a road bed continues from a ramp and runs parallel with the long tapering point at the mouth of Big Stonehouse.  It sits inside the danger area which is a hump with stumps everywhere with 8 to 10 feet of water that comes up into about 3 to 5 feet. The wind was crazy here but we stuck it out.  I began throwing the A rig over this roadbed which sits in the zone of 8 to 10 feet and bait was everywhere once again. However Rob and I got zipped here also.

We then left and ran only about a ¼ mile back into the creek to some secondary points with the correct features. Water temps here was 62.  I pick up a 1 oz double willow and begin casting into the middle of a small bay between 2 main creek points.  I was slow rolling my blade and it got real mushy all the sudden it was a fish sitting on a stump in about 8 feet of water. This fish weighed 2 lbs 7 oz.  We fished it more and more after that fish, with no further luck. We returned to a bank from the evening before and Rob picked up 2 keeper spots on the last point in the back of the creek it had 14 feet of water on it. The fish came on a 3/8 oz chatter bait.  It was a tough day and feeling slightly defeated we returned to the dock to chill for the night.


-Dennis Nease / BayBass writer