Cincy Fisher Fat Head Blade Bait



Cincy Fisher makes the BEST blade baits on the market which I've been using for 4 years now.  Brian May, owner of Cincy Fisher, just released the Fat Head blade bait which solves the problem of smaller fish getting in the way with the standard size balde bait. These are some jumbo blade baits with serious thump!!!  The larger bass, stripers and walleye will be all over these as well as many saltwater species.  The length is between 3.25″ and 3.5″ depending on weight. They Feature Mustad KVD triple grip hooks in size 2.  I'll be using the 3/4 and 1oz versions in areas where I need a bigger profile due to the bait size present, or in areas where I'm catching lots of smaller fish. Cincy Fisher componets are awesome and there are no out of package upgrades needed.  For fishing reports and articles involving how to fish these awesome baits, simply search "Cincy Fisher Blade Bait" here on the main site.  I hammer fish on these baits year round.  Don't ever think the only time they work is in the winter. ;)