Lake Gaston Bass Fishing Report Day 3 April 13 2018

Day 3 - April 13 2018 Lake Gaston Report

On the morning of 4/13 we woke up to clear blue skies and the wind had not stopped all night long and was 25 mph on the main creek inside Big Stonehouse.  The water temp was 60 degrees and the bait was still holding at 8 to 12 feet however a little more concentrated in the 8 foot area of the column. There were still no signs of life in the shallows near the docks.  We started out on our straight away bank in Big Stonehouse, where we used a storm wiggle wart hoping to catch some bass crankin’.  We fished this bank for about 2 hours with no luck and the wind was beginning to get stronger again.

We decided to get out on the main lake and run to the Virginia side and fish some main lake guts in the mile marker #7 area.  The wind was too much and the ride wasn’t going to be worth it so at that point Rob and I looked at each other and we made the motion to do a big u turn and make way back across to Stonehouse.  We fished a stump point with our 1 oz spinnerbaits with no fish and the water here was the coolest we had seen at 55 degrees.  We fished this bank for probably 15 minutes and we were within about 5oo yards from the main lake or main creek point leading back into Big Stonehouse.  Here the water temp was still 55. I finally caught our 1st fish of the day, about a 2 lb spotted bass.   He hammered my spinnerbait, but that was it, we fished that area for another hour trying to pick up another fish without luck.  We motored on back into big Stonehouse to a secondary  point  and we continued fishing here for the remainder of the afternoon.  On our way back to the docks for the evening, I picked up another fish, a largemouth about 2 lbs.

It was a brutal day. With only two bass and a small striper all on the spinnerbait, we both felt defeated. My partner Rob is a very good fisherman and very experienced and he got blanked on this day. Other people in our group on other boats caught some fish down lake fishing deep docks with senkos. That was not part of any pattern we were fishing on Gaston as I knew the spinnerbait would prevail in the long run in conditions we were having, or so I thought…….

Tight Lines,

Dennis Nease / BayBass Writer