Lake Gaston Fishing Report / Day 4 April 14, 2018


Day 4 April 14 2018 Lake Gaston VA Report

by Dennis Nease


We woke up Saturday morning April 14th to the sound of bass boat engines hauling ass down the main lake most likely from Eaton’s Ferry where most of the big tournaments go out of, with the exception of the Americamp’s ramp in Poplar Creek up river from Eaton’s Ferry.  Tournament boats were everywhere.  We had seen them running around pre fishing all week.  Now they were all here.

 Prior to us leaving I did a lot of map reading and marking certain areas I liked. I did a lot of keying in on roadbeds because they are great staging areas for bass during the pre spawn. I keyed in on areas that faced the correct direction meaning facing the NW or even straight west allowing afternoon sun to beat down on the banks and warm them up for the spawn. The bottom consistency/type is also key as is the area having deeper water nearby.

On this morning we went directly to a spot I had marked.  The lake had dropped about a foot and half maybe more. The water has warmed some over the week, and so has the air. This morning at the docks little minnows were everywhere in the still dormant weed lines.

The area we fished the last day was down lake across the main lake from Pea Hill creek.  It was simply an island at the mouth of a couple creeks with mega deep water on the main lake portion, shallower water on both sides, and the left side had blow down trees and red clay banks. And the right side was a roadbed that ran parallel with the island in depths from 8 to 14 feet.  Immediately to the left of the roadbed was a shallow sand flat approx. 4 to 8 feet deep.  There was a hump in the bay of the creek  just one cast away that rose to 3 feet marked with 3 danger bouys. We began casting our 1 oz spinnerbaits on the road bed and the contours to our left consisting of little underwater ridges and cuts. We began catching fish immediately.

In this creek Rob out fished me but I found them! ;)   The big fish was 2 lbs 13 oz and we caught lots of keeper sized spots that just hammered our baits. I had located a killer staging area in this creek cut through.  The mapping homework had paid off.  From 2 oclock on until about 3 oclock we had tournament boats trying to wedge in and snake in us.  Rob did a fantastic job holding our position in his Ranger smack in the middle of the channel.  The boats were frustrated as they needed to return to their weigh in.  We worked hard for those fish and we held our ground on them. My hats off to Rob for a killer job on the trolling engine in 20 to 25 mph winds blasting out of the back of the creeks. The big spinnerbait pattern prevailed.  

We loved our stay at Stonehouse Timber Lodge.  I highly recommend this place.  See below pics.  Your boat can be kept in a slip all week and your cabin is waterfront.  

-Tight Lines…AND BE SAFE ON THE WATER!  -Dennis Nease / BayBass Staff Writer