Kerr Lake aka Buggs Island by Brian Warfell– Kerr is definitely not on fire right now evident with the last BFL’s standings. Out of the three in our crew that traveled to compete in the BFL last weekend (6/29&7/1) only one of us brought fish to the scales. Winning weights on the boater side and co-angler side were only 14lb+. You only needed 8lb to cash a check on the boater side, and 4 lb 4 oz to cash a check on the co-angler side. Those that had the most success found them deep in 10-25’ with deep driving cranks, and carolina rigs with worms, brush hog, or lizards.  Best color was green pumpkin tipped with chartreuse.

Potomac by Brian Warfell –Water temps 86-89.  Sunday 7/1 I fished 8am-5pm out of my Ranger Z21.  We had three people on the boat and all caught roughly 8 and 10 fish. Fish were caught generally on black and blue chatterbaits with rage craw trailers, wacky rigged senkos in green pumpkin or black and blue, or texas rigged ribbon tail worms in green pumpkin or black and blue. Five fish in the 3 to 4 lb class were caught.  Areas fished were Quantico creek, Possum Point, Horton’s, Belmont Bay and Occoquan.

Potomac by Peter Arnold - I got out on the Potomac this past Saturday 30JUN18, with my buddy Kevin White.  I left the Ranger at home and we took Kevin’s Champion.  It was so hot that I couldn’t put my line down on the side of the boat for fear it would melt!  I wasn’t expecting much and it was a grind out there.  We started out of Pohick Bay and ran around to various grass flats as well as the Occoquan River.  The water is still fairly stained with a few log mine fields, so keep your eyes open.  The water temperature was 84 degrees.  The pattern was white spinnerbaits and chatterbaits on the shaded side of wood. We caught 4 fish with the biggest running around 3+ lbs.  Unfortunately, I lost one good one in the Occoquan River pushing 4 lbs or so.  Kevin also caught a nice catfish.      

Potomac by Kevin White and Kenny RogersKenny and I fished out of my Champion launching out off Pohick June 16th.  We fished Mattawoman, Pohick, Belmont, and Occoquan and we caught just a handful of bass of chatterbaits, sencos and texas rigged worms.  We fished crankbaits around Freestone Point.  We focused on shaded banks and laydowns for most of the day.  Water temps were 86-88 and the water was moderately stained with 1.5’ visibility or less.  Kenny caught a nice snakehead which he later fried in a turkey fryer seen below.  The funniest part of the day was watching him try to take it out of the livewell with a baseball bat and batting gloves on.  He still has a snakehead phobia and is currently seeking counseling. 

Occoquan Reservoir aka Fountainhead by Kenny Rogers-  I fished out of Fountainhead park Sunday 6/30 with my buddy Tony, and spent most of the day in the back of coves throwing dark red senkos in shaded cover in at least 4 ft.  We caught a few on chatterbaits also, and ended the day with around 14 bass and 1 catfish.  Our largest bass was 4.36lb.  We rented a jon boat from the park, and there were tons of boats out on the water.  We got some great action shots too!

Burke Lake by Dennis Nease -  I have fished Burke once a week at minimum since April and in the past month, I’ve been able to follow fish out into the deeper waters.  They are still roaming the shoreline grass edges at times, but this pattern is not a consistent one.  The newly developed SAV which Burke has had in past years is growing nearly all over the lake however there are few areas of the vegitation that are holding larger numbers of bass.  The offshore bite has now turned on in 10-25’ and the numerous brush piles, concrete/rock piles, and steep ledges, are the places to focus on now.  The jerkbait and crankbait bite has been off.  The weighted wacky rig senco in 6-10' has been a terrific producer for me, as well as a 1/4oz shakey head.  I’ve also been pitching a 1/4oz Watermellon Bling colored BayBass Bug (manufactured by Double D Custom Jigs) to laydowns closer to deep water, and this technique has been productive at times.  I’ve been out with other BayBass Forum members Peter Arnold and Tibor Farkas pictured below in his Ranger.  Please remember I’ve written numerous Burke fishing reports lately in the BayBass forum.   You can also search “Burke Lake” here on the main page seach box (upper left) to see all of our reports on Burke Lake.

Lake Frederick by "BayBass Bryan" -The lake has been up in the past month and has now settled some.  Expect the bass to be cruising the shoreline grasses all over the lake during dawn and dusk.  Main lake points are producing on carolina rigs, drop shots, and shakeyheads and a deep diving jerkbait will always be one of my go-to baits here year round.  Standing timber along the creek channels is a major structure pattern to fish and you’ll find them suspended here.  Gregory’s Lakeside Bait and Tackle is located 50 yards from the boat ramp and the lake operates 24/7.  Stop in and talk to Greg and grab yourself some cold drinks, snacks and some deep diving Lucky Crafts.  I fish a 78DD and 78XD here on 6lb P-Line CXX Moss Green with a 6’6” G-Loomis medium action spinning rod and a high speed spinning reel such as a Okuma RTX25S or 30S, and my thumbs get sore from the action.  If you want a biggun’ throw some bluegill or crappie colored 5-6" swimbaits, and larger 10-12" carolina rigged worms on 3/4oz to 1oz brass.  If you’ve never fished the lake before, LEARN THE CREEK TO THE RIGHT OF THE RAMP FIRST before you attempt to learn the rest of the lake.  If you can’t catch them in this creek, you surely won’t catch them elsewhere.  You’ll need sonar here, as there is a lot of offshore structure you’ll need to learn.  Without sonar, you'll have to pound the downed trees, shallower standing timber, and shaded banks and reed lines with smaller 1/4 to 3/8oz double willow spinnerbaits, 1.5 to 2.5 squarebills, 3/16oz to 1/4oz texas rigs, and weightless and wacky rigged sencos.  Click on the Gregory’s Lakeside Bait and Tackle banner here  on the main page to see some recent fish pics and for current info.  Clyde McFalls is a good stick and is the guy to follow on their Facebook page.  Greg rents boats with trollling motors here.  He knows the lake VERY well, and he’s got a NICE selection of tackle and live bait also.   

Chickahominy River by Dennis Nease–My friend Tom and I fished the Chick today 7/3, and we fished in the vicinity of Gordon’s Creek focusing in on laydowns and shaded pockets.  We started at 5:15am and got off the water at 10:30am as the heat and humidity was unbearable.  I had four fish off of cypress trees on spinnerbaits, Tom had 2 with the spinnerbait in the trees, I had one off a retaining wall, and Tom had three fish on frogs up in the pads.

Upper Chesapeak Bay MD by Mike Ward Grass beds on the Susquehanna flats are far behind the normal growth for this time of year.  There are some isolated beds on the flats growing well for the past month, but they were not easy to find.  Furnace Bay and Mill Creek have been full of grass for a while now, and they were great areas this past spring.  During the spawn, these areas were on fire as well as the marinas in Havre de Grace for catching big females.  

Conowingo Reservoir MD by Mike Ward- I fished the Conowingo last weekend in the “Weekend Warrior” club tourney, and finished in 1st place with a 3 fish limit of 9.4lbs and big bass weighing 4.09lb.  The grass beds on the Northwest shore in the early morning were the ticket.  The grass beds are way behind this year compared to last.  A topwater frog caught the first fish of the day and shortly after that, a 4lb smallmouth crushed my Keitech 3.8” swimbait.  A 3lb largemouth rounded out the limit coming off some wood cover in shallow water in the late morning.  The largemouth bit a texas rigged Keitech Crazy Flapper in Junebug.  There were bluebird skies and high pressure throughout the day.  My Lew’s reels are performing amazingly well, Precision Tackle is my go to store, and Reelsnot is a terrific line conditioner.

Lake Anna VA Private Side Report by Mike- Peter Arnolds buddy Mike has been lip rippin’ on the private side pictured below in light blue.  Zoom Horny Toads have been his main go to bait in the backs of pockets in the vicinity of Showboat, Bush, and Beaver Creek.   To understand what the “private” and “public” side truly means, I’ve included a pic below.  The dark blue is public.   

Reston Lakes by BayBass Bryan  Although I haven’t fished them for the past year, I've been fishing the Reston Lakes hard from shore and in boats since I was 6 years old (1986).  I can promise you the carolina rig bite in Lake Thoreau is STRONG right now in 10-25’ on the lakes main point (the big one behind the spillway on the right moving uplake).  On the shallower right hand side of the point pictured, you'll find some nice grass growing deep into the points drop-off.  You can expect to find the bass moving up and down this grass edge.  There are massive stumps down there in the 12-20' range and these stumps are loaded with bass.  You must maintain bottom contact, and a 4" Zoom french fry, or smaller stick bait will be key here.  Keep your weights in the 1/2oz to 1oz range depending on wind. 17lb P-Line HALO is my line of choice here, and 30lb braid also gets it down with a 17lb HALO leader in the 3-4' length depending on water clarity.  If you are throwing a jerkbait, it better be a finesse bait on 6lb line.  When they are shallow I like a HJ-10, and when they are in 6-14 I go to my 78dd and 78xd.  No one gets Lucky Craft at the prices I do.  If you need some, email me.  I have over 200 Lucky Craft jerkbaits in prime colors I use all year long, all new in package. The squarebill bite here is good at times up lake on the right hand bank with the small pad pocket, and a 1/4oz finesse spinnerbait is a good choice when the wind is blowing. 

In the early am you’ll be able to catch them on buzzbaits up shallow and my #1 wake bait, the Japan made Jackall Cherry 0 Footer 56 will also do damage.  I have some for sale in the link at the bottom. Remember to fish the jerkbaits SLOW.  They are NOT gonna catch fish by reeling them in while you twitch. Pop, Pop, pause with a 3 to 4 second pause on SLACK 6lb line is how you get-r-done here and the colder the water, the longer the pause going to 6-10 painstaking seconds if needed during winter months.  Watch my video in the “Video Learning Center” here on site. 

Lake Audubon will be producing fish on shaded docks near deeper water on the high bank shoreline off the secondary dam creek which takes water from Thoreau via an underground pipe system.  You’ll see the townhomes lined up behind the bike path here off this main lake point.  Sencos, 3/8oz jigs, and suspending Lucky Craft 78DD and XD’s will be your winners here.   Also check the bottleneck area of the lake where it narrows down moving uplake.  This offshore area is always a winner with jerkbaits and weighted wacky rigs in the 8-13' zone.  The dam area is not the best this time of year so I wouldn’t focus too much down there unlesss you are on the main lake point closest to the ramp at the pool.  This point has a large brush pile on it's far side closest to the townhomes in 15' of water.  A 1/2oz jig will bust a few fatties off it every now and then.  

Lake Anne (not Anna) will have a great wake bait bite in the early am, but it won’t last long.  With high sun, the bass move into the deeper main lake drop-offs where carolina rigs will do the most damage.  The Lake Anne Plaza dock will hold them well once the sun is up and you’ll need a black-n-blue jig here along with a wacky rig weighted senco.  This is a kid friendly area also.  Check out the grass which grows on the flat around the fountain.  You can't see it, but it's there 6-8" up off the bottom and it holds fish always.  Here, 1/4oz to 1/2oz lipless cranks and smaller 1/4oz double willow spinnerbaits with white skirts will produce best.  The downed tree next to the spillway off Whelie Ave, which drops from 6' into 14’ half way down the tree, will be stacked  up with better fish as always, and a 3/8oz jig and pig will get-r-done here.  There is also a massive brushpile off the dams bikepath 1/4 of the way down, 30 yards out from "flat rock" near bench #1.  There is a small drain pipe here too where the rip rap is.  You'll see what I'm talking about.  The pile is in 13-17' and the downed tree a I spoke of above is another 30 yards out and to the right next to the dock. 

Lake Newport will be good for dinks along the public dam area unless you’re throwing a Savage Gear 4-5” Bluegill or a topwater at night.  Park in the tennis court parking lot and walk up the staris.  Speaking of this bluegill swimbait, if you’re sick of catching dinks, buy one for $10 and tie it to 17lb fluorocarbon with a 7’+ MH action baitcaster and a 6.1:1 or faster reel, and don’t put the darn thing down all day at ANY of the above named Reston lakes.  Focus on shaded banks and docks/boats.  Running this thing down the side of a pontoon boat or floating dock, will catch you your personal best of 2018.  Newport is the worst of the above lakes in the summer as most of the bass are far offshore.  If you live in Reston, get your sticker from Reston Association and you can launch your jon boat here.  Kayaks are not usually messed with, but you never know when your going to run into a jackass homeowner who's a full time PETA member.  If you carolina rig these lakes correctly, you’ll have 50+ fish days but most will be in the 10-14” range.  Lake Thoreau Pool and Lake Audubon pool is where you want to put in, and you'll be happier at Thoreau.  2 man plastic boats or 10-12’ jons you can carry with a friend are best to launch at Thoreau as there is no ramp here. 

What’s “BayBass” up to?  I’ve been living in New Mexico for almost a year now with “Mrs. BayBass” and traveling all over the country at times visiting the states of NJ, AZ, CO, KS, NE, TX, MS, FL, GA, AR, TN, KY, AL, OK, and LA.  Enterprise and Southwest have been good to us.  We’ve been looking at each states lakes, rivers, reservoirs, homes, and trying to figure out if there was anything else out there we’ve been missing.  New Mexico has been good to us but we’ve decided the east coast has more to offer fishing wise, and therefore we are headed back in a few weeks.  We will be staying clear of Northern VA unless fishing related, and instead we’ll be moving down south to live on the Potomac River's southern waterfront  (just south of Coles Point) where we’ll be fishing, crabbing, and boating nearly every day and not working as many hours.  I’m in the process of buying my 6th Ranger bass boat, a small aluminum crabbing boat, and learning how to cultivate crops, so we can live off the land and water with a slower paced lifestyle. 

I’ve been fishing the Rio Grand River, Cochiti Lake, and some other smaller waters in NM.  The Rio Grand ain’t so “grand” these days as it is DRYING UP and I truly believe in 15-20 years, there will be nothing left.  I’ll be fishing more of the southern Potomac to include Aquia, Potomac Creek, Nanjemoy Creek, Wicomico River, St. Mary’s River, Yeocomico River, and the Coan River.  During the winter months, the 301 bridge area (for stripers) is only a 1 hour drive.  I’ll still be hitting Occoquan Reservoir and Burke Lake also.  I’ll be doing more offshore striped bass fishing and I’m already loading up on the tackle needed to do so.  You can expect those MD/ VA bass, crabs and stripers to be a little more pressured in just a few weeks. ;)  Below is one heck of a Rio Grande River bass. 



Tight Lines,

Bryan "BayBass" Novotny