Mercer Lake, Potomac River, and Shenandoah River VA Fishing Roundup

August 2018



“There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there's always a new place, always a new horizon.”- Jack Nicklaus


It has been hot and I have been busy with sports and family vacation but I have been fishing whenever I can.  I hope this quick report finds everyone with tight lines.  For me it’s been tough fishing but I have been able to grind it out.  I can’t wait until the cool of the fall sets in.


Conditions / Fish:   Hot and wet – water temp in the high 80s, air temp in the high 90s and it’s rained a lot!



I have been catching largemouth, smallmouth, and the occasional cat fish.



Lures / Techniques:  My best luck has come on.

  • 5” senko, dark colors and bubblegum, rigged Texas style on a 3/0 EWG hook – cast to downed wood.  Use a 1/8 oz bullet weight if you need to the bottom faster.  On the Doah I will down size to a 4” senko, 1/0 EWG hook and look for deep pockets, eddies, and current breaks.
  • Whopper plopper 90 for the topwater bite on early mornings, evenings, and overcast days.  I can cover ground quickly or slow down and twitch it.  On the Doah I will size down to the whopper plopper 75.
  • KVD 1.5 square bill in sexy shad - cast to vegetation edges, over submerged grass, and downed wood.  Good for covering mid to high in the water column.  On the Doah, in shallow water, I like the REBEL WEE-Crawfish in Nest Robber.  For smallmouth in deeper water and a rocky bottom, as in certain sections of the Doah, I will throw a wiggle wart in crawfish colors
  • Spinning tackle:  6 – 6.5 ft med, fast action rod, 2500 spinning reels with 20 lb braid and a 10 lb mono or fluorocarbon leader.
  • Fly tackle:  9 ft, 6 or 8 wt fly rod, 9 ft 5x leader, Rich’s Ultimate Worm Fly, black and blue color.  On the Doah, I will also throw top water poppers.


Tight Lines,


Peter Arnold, BayBass writer