Shenandoah River Fishing Report 11/1/18

                           Shenandoah River Fishing Report 



My wife and I launched our Ranger at Riverton out in Front Royal at 10am.  Launching a glass boat here is risky and you must pay attention to water levels and be prepared to drift downstream a while before getting on the outboard.  Water temp was 58, water clarity was 6-7’ and the wind was blowing 15-20 with 25mph gusts.  If you missed it, yes I’m back in VA and I picked up another pre-owned Ranger.  

I quickly put together a pattern close to the ramp and found both smallmouth and largemouth shallow around wood debris piles and lay downs.  These fish were on the smaller side so I went downriver and fished deeper on the main river looking for better fish. The first pic below is the first few hundred yards downstream of the ramp.  The second is from the ramp looking downstream.  

Deep diving crankbaits and jerkbaits caught some better smallmouth up to 3.5lb / 17” as well as a nice 3lb pound largemouth.  I used super light line to allow for a more natural presentation as well as a decreased chance of these line shy smallmouth seeing my line.  

P-Line 6lb CXX Moss Green was my chosen line on the crankin rod and spinning rod which caught these fish.  It was the first time I ever spooled up 6lb on a baitcaster.  I used a Ryobi crankin reel (identical to the old Lew’s BB1NG) on a 6’8” Avid with a Bagley’s DB2, and my spinning rod was a 6’7” Medium Action “13 Fishing” Defy with a high speed Daiwa spinning reel.  

I finished the day with 12 total and 10 of them were over 12”.  I fished for a total of just 4.5 hours.  The quality of fish here is far better than what I caught.  The anglers who know this place well combined with being great sticks, are bringing in 20lb bags of smallmouth here consistently.  I still have a lot to learn here as this was only my 6th trip here in my life.  I’ll be spending a lot more time here this winter vs the lower Potomac.  I have a new custom bait painter who’s charges MUCH less than other guys.  Need some cranks painted?  See here


Tight Lines,


Bryan “BayBass” Novotny