Burke Lake VA Fishing Report

Burke Lake VA Fishing Report Sunday 12/16/18

I fished Burke Lake Sunday December 16th.  Every other local body of water was trashed due to the heavy rains with rivers cresting far over their banks, flooding roads, and causing all lakes to be high and heavily stained.  Burke and Frederick were the only two options for me.  


I picked up my Ranger R93 in the rain with 37 degree temps, and launched in the rain with 40 degree temps, and fished in the rain till 2pm with 45 degree temps.  I went through two pairs of rain gear, three pairs of gloves, and two winter hats.  This was one of my most uncomfortable and tough trips I can ever remember but I had to get out.  A BayBass reader, Zack, who was interested in learning Burke was diehard enough to join me on this trip.  

Burke’s water temp was 41-42, and water clarity was 7-8” at the ramp and the muddiest I’ve ever seen the lake in over 30 years.  At launch, I could see the mud-line moving down-lake around the island so we hurried down and started fishing two brush piles.  The first we fished for almost two hours, which resulted in one 3lb bass who ate my jerkbait down in 10-12’ overtop of 16’.   The second brush pile gave up a smaller bass who ate the same jerkbait down in 12’ overtop of 15’.  I caught two crappie also, with one of them coming on a different bait, a Cincy Fisher 1/2oz.  


By the time we were done fishing these two piles, it was 11:30am and for the remainder of the day we fished a beaver hut in 10-12’, a channel bank in 12-20, a deeper brush and rock pile in 20-26’, a hump, a stump bank in 12-15’ and a major uplake brushpile in 12-15 without a single strike.  It was very tough out there and I was marking fish all day in my key areas.  The majority were suspended overtop of brush and on drop offs. 

I’ll be back again soon.  


Tight Lines,