Four Mile Run VA Fishing Report (TRIP REPORT + PICS)

In the report prior to this one, I wrote about numerous WWD's (Warm Water Discharges) in the MD, DC, VA area.  The local waters have been tough lately so I decided to head down to the closest WWD from my home which I also listed in the prior report as "4" or "Four" Mile Run.  The first trip was Jan 1st 2013 with Tibor, and we each caught 4 keeper (meaning over 12") bass, and a mess of snagged shad and giant carp.  Since that day, I've been back twice. (3 full day trips in 10 days)  It had been a while since I'd been down to 4 Mile Run in Alexandria, a lower Potomac River tributary located right next to Reagan National Airport.  The water here is in the low to mid 50's vs the main rivers sub 40 degree water temps and the bass, carp, crappie, perch, shad, and catfish are stacked up in this area.  The creek is shallow and about 150' wide.  The deepest area is around 10' in a hole near the bridge closest to the airport, and the water is usually clear with a 2' visibility.  The outgoing tide will clear up the water even more in this creek, and the bass will become very tough to catch when sight fishing for them as I've been doing at times.  Some were in the 5 to 6lb range, but they wanted nothing to do with me.  The area is filled with trash everywhere, it's an absolute shame.  Some is fishing related, and some is related to those who use this area for other activities.  I will hold a "4 Mile Run" clean up day in the near future which will be an entire day dedicated to cleaning up this area.  I've caught fish on nearly everything here these past 3 trips in January of 2013.  Small 1/4oz spinnerbaits, 1/4 to 1/2oz rattletraps, jerkbaits, and small finess jigs.  The incoming tide has been great for the the reaction bite as the incoming main river water helps to stain up the clear creek water.  This helps turn on the reaction bite with the rattletraps and spinnerbaits. 


I park in the Sport's Authority Parking lot located at 3701 Jefferson Davis Hwy Alexandria VA 22305.  You want to park on the side closest to the bridge that crosses over Four Mile Run, this is the side where the Pier 1 Imports store is.  You'll see the bridges, so cross the street towards the car dealer, and follow the path down to the river.  You can easily fish the south side, and then take the bridge path over to the other side located at the bridge closest to the Airport.  One side of the creek is deeper than the other, and one side is best for outgoing tide, but you'll have to figure that out, as I've put a lot of time and effort down here figuring this place out.  Don't get too excited about fishing as close to the warm water discharge as possible, which is located on the airport side up creek where the circular large seel foundations are.  It's very shallow here, so if you do venture up here, Mann's Minus 1's, topwater baits and sencos are the way to go (yes, even in the dead of winter).  Be careful for joggers and bicycles on the north side as the jogging/bike path runs within 6' of the river bank.  There is massive angler traffic down here, but from my experience, most are not fishing it the way it should be fished, and I've yet to witness anyone else catch a single bass while I was there.  The first 6 pictures below are from a single trip Jan 8th 2013....I'll place additional pics below the first 6.  I got to give huge credit to the P-Line CXX co-polymer I'm using down here, 6lb on my G-Loomis IMX SJR-722 Spinning Rod, and 8lb on my Lew's SS1S with the 7' Tom's Custom Rod.  I've snagged massive carp down here on both rods and after 10-20 minutes battles, I've got all of them in.  Remember to cover water when down here, don't just stand in one area.  Be careful not to step on the airport property (the rocks on the north side past the last bridge).  "They" will come and take you away from what I've heard.  Tide movement is crucial here as is your bait presentation.  If you've got cabin fever, this may be a good spot for you to catch your first bass of 2013.   See pics below.

Tight Lines,


Jan 8th fish 6 of 6 (4 Mile Run)





Jan 8th 2013 bass 1 of 6 Jan 8th 4 mile fish 4 of 6


Jan 8th fish 3 of 6Jan 8th fish 5 of 6 (4 Mile Run)df






Jan 8th fish 2 of 6 (4 Mile Run)


14" Crappie Jan 2013 (Four Mile Run)




Jan 2013 Four Mile Run


Jan 2013 (Four Mile Run)