I first noticed Bryan through Facebook in many of the Virginia fishing groups. I started checking out his site and reading articles he would write about his trips. My initial thoughts were that Bryan was very knowledgeable and how great it was that he would write up such detailed reports for the average Joe like myself to pick up some new tricks and improve fishing skills. The amount of his knowledge posted publicly on the internet can be overwhelming!  If you are looking to improve your skills it is worth the time and effort to go through the pages of reports and forum topics. All the information one could ever need to have successful day on the water is right at your fingertips.

My first personal interaction with Bryan was a phone call in which he provided information for me to help get my son out fishing during the winter while a majority of places were frozen over. He was extremely generous in sharing a spot that I could bring my son.  He gave detailed information on what to use in the location to have a successful trip.  We did and my son caught a chunky 18” bass.  To this date, it is my sons personal best.  Bryan makes his phone number readily accessible to you and has no problems with giving advice to help you succeed. I just recently had the privilege of joining Bryan on a trip to the Potomac in his Ranger for some December fishing. Leading up to this trip he was very open to providing advice on gear and tackle to use. He didn’t just say what to use, he gave detailed knowledge and experience as to why he was suggesting the gear and baits. It was extremely helpful and priceless insight to improving my fishing skills. On the water, Bryan continued to divulge information to help me have a great day on the water. He positioned his boat well for us both to have great success and gave interest in my goals as an angler and insight on how to proceed in succeeding with my goals. He shared his hot bait in the wintertime, the Cincy Fisher blade baits, and it was the ticket to me landing 11 fish between largemouth and stripers.  It was my best day of fishing all year!  Bryan was great to hang with and fish with and I look forward to more trips with Bryan and I will continue to check this site weekly for current reports and helpful articles.

Ryan Green, Loudoun County VA 12/14/16


I am very glad that I met Bryan last year at the Occoquan Regional Park Ramp as I have greatly improved my fishing style, added new techniques, purchased and sold fishing gear, been kept apprised of hot deals on the internet for fishing gear, got great feedback/reviews on rods/reels/line, found a co-angler for local tournaments, was introduced to Striper fishing, found the BEST custom rod builder/repairman (Tom from Tom's Custom Rods) who rebuilt 6 of my rods last year, and received tournament advice when requested.  He and others on the BayBass site are friendly and extremely informative.

Since last year, I have greatly improved my fall/winter fishing techniques and added the following lures to my tackle bag which have totally transformed how I fishing during those cold months; NED rigs, Darter heads, and blade bait jigging (Cincy Fishers).  While Bryan heavily promotes his sponsor's lures/baits and services he does this because he TRULY believes wholeheartedly in them.  I can attest to the lures/baits as they do catch fish, however have not solicited any of his service sponsors with the exception of Tom's Custom Rods (Tom rocks!). 

Bryan and the BayBass membership are all about information sharing which ultimately makes us all better bass fishermen.  The information on local lakes and ponds throughout the area posted on BayBass.com is an EXCELLENT resource for those wanting to get out there and beat the banks.  Bryan’s reports as well as other member reports have also helped me to understand and hone in on targeting the right fish during the specific seasonal patterns on most of the waters that I frequently fish.  I went fishing with Bryan twice this year, once at Burke in June and just recently targeting Stripers in Middle River north of Baltimore.   He is a hoot to fish with as his intensity level is pegged out - aggressive casts and intense hook sets.  Both times I took away key pieces of information (and some magic lures) that turned each day successful (See pics below).  Frequently I see him on the Occoquan; he’s just as willing to share info on the water as he is off the water.

If you become a Baybass member I am assured, you will not be disappointed.  Here's an illustration of the BayBass community at work - So there I was at the eve of a local tournament - My co-angler had an emergency and cancelled on me last minute - I contacted Bryan and some of the other Baybass members and after two or three referrals I found a co-angler at 10pm (just 8 hours prior to blastoff).  Yet another example - Bryan frequently heads to Tom's Custom Rods (located about 30 miles north of Baltimore) he always announces his trip up to Tom's and schedules a meet-up for members to drop off their rods so they can be repaired or reconditioned.  BTW - Tom's prices on custom rods and rod repairs cannot be beat.  Yet another example - Bryan frequently posts messages when he comes across excellent bass boat deals on Craigslist or other sources in the local area to aid those who are aspiring to go from bank pounder to boater, and also freely gives his expert advice on boats you may be considering purchasing (yes, you can find the deals yourself, but it sure helps narrow down the available choices and have an expert give his analysis).

I have never been part of a website community like this...you will benefit from it whether you are a beginner, weekend warrior, or seasoned professional.

Brian Warfel "CPT Wardog"

Brian Warfel, Occoquan VA  12/13/2016

I first found BayBass.com and Bryan about a year and a half ago in January 2015 while searching the internet for northern Virginia fishing information.  I was immediately impressed with all the detailed information on fishing reports and general information on northern Virginia lakes and the Potomac River.

Bryan is always willing to give advice on anything you ask, from tackle tips to lake information with a phone call or text message.  The breakdown of seasonal lure applications and patterns is 2nd to none and it is all contained in this website.  And in a rare thing for a public fishing site, he is willing to give up detailed information on his home waters to help you become a better angler.
I have Bryan to personally thank for an incredible fishing day in December of 2015 because without his advice I wouldn't have fished a northern VA lake like I did.  In usual winter conditions, I shouldn't have been throwing chatter baits and rattle traps in less than 5' of water for actively feeding bass.  But through a text conversation about his outing the day before, I focused in less than 5' of water.  I was rewarded with these back to back 21.5" and 22" largemouth at the end of a 5 fish day.
If you're a Northern VA angler, you have to be a member of BayBass.com.  You won't regret it!
Doug Gibson, Charles Town WV  6/19/16

I initially found Bryan on Facebook in several Virginia fishing groups. From there I was introduced to his site. WOW, the amount of his knowledge posted publicly on the internet is insane!  I spent several days reviewing the site, mainly the reports. Pretty much all the information that one could use to have successful day on the water is right at your fingertips.

Bryan also makes his phone number readily accessible to you. I can recall several times that I was having a hard time during practice leading to a tournament. I called up Bryan and spoke to him for about an hour and we discussed lures and current stage of the bass, which ultimately leaded to a bigger bag/better day during the tournament. EVERYTIME that I have asked Bryan for help, he has come through. With tournament season turned off, I have had the opportunity to get on the boat with Bryan a few times to tone in my cold water fishing skills. Prior to fishing with Bryan, I knew that he was very knowledgeable, but getting on the water with him only proved it even more. Fishing with Bryan is always one of my better days out on the water. It is just a good time. When you fish "draw tournaments" like I do, I fish with someone different every time. The skill level of my boater drastically changes each week, but the most common thing I see as someone who fishes from the back of the boat is boaters not positioning the boat for us both to have the best opportunities. That is not the case with Bryan, he handles/positions his boat so that you both have the best opportunity to catch fish.

I have also been introduced to a few different things from Bryan, such as P-line, Glory Bags, old Bagley's crankbaits, and blade baits. These 3 things have all now permanently established a place in my fishing gear.  I look forward to trips with Bryan each year and I look forward to checking on here for current reports and helpful articles.

Shawn Mock, Northern VA 12/2/15



Just wanted to give you a big thanks for your blog/web site.  I stumbled across it several months ago and only wish I had found it earlier.  I'm military here in DC, living near the Potomac, and will be moving on within a year or so, but your blog and info within is phenomenal.  I've thought about starting my own fishing blog one day, and your style is exactly how I want to go by.   Ridiculous amount of detail, yet not giving away exact locations.  You've got it down.  I've been fishing the Potomac and Burke Lake for two years now, and it's jut flat out fun to see you post about things I did, and did not know.  

I just bought some blade baits from Cincyfisher.com today, and can't wait to give them a shot on Burke and the river.  I've read about them before, but never game them much of a shot.  I own a few, but they are covered in dust so to speak. 

Thanks again for your contributions to this fishing community.

Kyle Perry, Fort Belvoir VA 11/ 27/15

I have spent my whole life fishing and in the past 15 years fishing mostly the Upper Bay, specifically the Middle River area. I knew there were fish there but it was truly a humbling experience fishing with my friend Bryan, of Baybass.com

Some of my "honey-holes" I had been fishing completely wrong, Bryan understands tides, winds, pressure, bird activity, and so much more. One thing that specifically impressed me was his choice of tackle and more importantly how to fish that tackle. You can have the right lure but if you don't know how to approach, cast, and reel it right- then your wasting time.

We went out in his Ranger this past fall of 2014. It was a very educational experience being able to watch someone with such knowledge pull fish out of the same spots I have fished for years with minimal success. Bryan sped up my learning curve about 10 years. In addition I have spent a lot of time reading Chesapeake fishing forums that provide minimal help. Bryan provides honest fishing reports with real knowledge. He won't give you GPS coordinates but if you read his reports and his tackle recommendations- you will catch more fish. Here are two pics from our trip.

Mark Rich, Middle RIver MD 1/6/15

My name is Ryan Wood and I am 13 years old. I recently moved to a house on Seneca Creek on the upper Chesapeake Bay. I have been jigging for stripped bass since I was about 7 years old in mostly saltwater. Knowing that the upper Chesapeake is mostly freshwater, I thought I would get into largemouth bass fishing. I did not know much about this creek and this type of fishing, so that's when I started looking for websites that could tell me some things. This is when I found baybass.com and emailed Bryan.

Bryan was the biggest help. He told me where to find fish in the creek and gave me a big list of what type of fish I might find. Bryan was also the biggest help with what lures to buy. I moved in late March so the spawn was getting ready to start. This is when I caught the biggest bass on the creek, a 7 pounder! Then after the spawn it got really slow and I couldn't seem to catch a thing. So Bryan told me to get a rat L trap. That lure is a blast. He said I would catch everything that swims and he was right. Then the grass started to move in, and a lure with twin exposed treble hooks doesn't work too well, so Bryan suggested a Berkley Power Bait Power Worm. The first time I used it I caught a nice 2 pounder. The biggest fish I caught on that lure was 4 pounds. All of these fish were in the exact places he told me they would be. In grass beds and under and around docks. When I told him that I was in the market for a small boat he told me to go to Port Side Marine in Essex. They were great to work with and even delivered the boat to us since we don't own a truck. I ended up with a 14 foot Alumacraft jon boat. My dad and I built a carpeted deck on the bow and mounted a Minn Kota edge foot controlled trolling motor. On the stern there is a 8 horse Mercury outboard. The boat works great. Bryan even offered to take me striper fishing on his boat. He helped out with everything, all I had to do was read and then hit the water and put it to work!

Ryan Wood, Bowlies Quarters MD 8/04/2014

My name is Peter Arnold and as a boy and teenager growing up in New England I fished a lot for smallmouth, largemouth, white perch, landlocked salmon, brook/lake trout, bluefish, mackerel, etc… , even entering a few local tournaments. In recent years, I have gone on a number of fishing trips with the guys but I haven’t “seriously” fished in over 20 years. However, in 2013 I was re-energized into bass fishing and I ran across Bryan’s website, www.baybass.com, while searching for local Northern Virginia area fishing information. My time is limited and Bryan’s site has been a HUGE help in determining where to fish and what lures to use. I have met very few people with the passion to fish that Bryan has (I think he fishes 8 days a week!) but I have met no one so freely willing to share his knowledge and experience about not only fishing (I swear he was a fish in a past life) but tackle, equipment, boats, flea markets, fishing sales, fishing expos…you get the point. He has a way of breaking things down in to simple analogies which make you a smarter fisherman. Based on the pro staff testimonials, in AUG13 I reached out to Bryan via email. I actually thought the testimonials were too good to be true but I figured what the heck. I was wrong. One of the most unique aspects of Bryan is he responds lightning fast and to the point whether by email, blog, phone, or text. I recently put his knowledge to the test (in the pouring winter rain) when he took me to his local fishing spots, showed me where to park, told me what the bottom topography was like, and what techniques and lures he usually uses. Fishing was tough but lo and behold Matt Murphy caught a 5.5 pounder right where Bryan said the big ones always hang out just off a deep drop! Bryan’s willingness to share is truly inspirational so meet him somewhere, have the questions ready, watch his technique, and open your ears! Bryan won’t stop until fish are in hand… it's like having a pro guide showing you around except he didn’t ask me for one cent.

Tight Lines

Peter Arnold, Northern VA 12/30/2013 BayBass Writer


My name is Joey Campbell. I am 25 years old and I have been fishing the Potomac River for 15 years. I have also fished on the Shenandoah River South and North fork, Lake Brittle, Occoquan River and Occoquan Reservoir. I enjoy fishing and hunting, teaching others how to fish, and encouraging kids to respect and enjoy the outdoors. I met Bryan about one month ago. I was referred to him by a friend of mine and Bryan and I share similar fishing patterns and beliefs in the bass fishing industry. I plan on assisting Bryan with the reports on the Potomac River.


I have been following baybass.com for a few months now and I've read terrific reports and reviews. There is no other website I know of that has the amount of testimonials and visitors from folks who fish the same bodies of water that we local anglers fish. Most websites are all about the "angler" promoting himself where as baybass.com is all about information gathering, helpful hints, and assisting others. I also love that I've found new products I've used with success because of the reviews and mentions I've read here on baybass.com, which for the most part are not one large advertisement of a persons "sponsors" disguised as a fishing report.


Joey Campbell Northern VA, 10/18/2013

My name is Tibor Farkas, and I live in Reston, VA. I met Bryan (Baybass) at one of the local lakes about 1 year ago. I have been fishing my whole life and bass fishing seriously for a couple of years now, but in this past year or so I learned more from Bryan than what I ever knew before. Going out fishing with Bryan is just like watching a live fishing show or tournament on TV. The very first time Bryan took me out on the Upper Chesapeake Bay in March of 2012 to prefish for our upcoming tournament, the Mariner Point Bassmasters Cabin Fever Open 4/2/12, Bryan put me on some huge bass. My 3 fish went 15lbs, including the 6lb+ hawg in the photo (middle). His skill level and fishing knowledge could compete with any of those guys in pro circuits at any time. Besides the fact that he's a hell of a fisherman, he is also a true friend. I am always looking forward to going out fishing with him and expanding my knowedge, and also to catch a "BIG" one.

Tibor Farkas aka "Big Fish Tibor" Reston, VA  2/14/13

I'm an avid bass fisherman in the MD and VA area, and I'm now pursuing tournament bass fishing. I recently met Bryan through an on-line ad searching for someone with talent to be my fishing partner and tournament partner. Bryan quickly responded and we've been out dozens of times since. Bryan and BayBass Outdoors have the passion and enthusiasm for fishing like none other! His reports and product reviews are honest and the best out there. He's an absolute top notch angler and his willingness to help others and the sport of fishing is incredible and inspiring! Just ask BayBass and then listen carefully because his knowledge is outstanding! A true pro! And thank you Bryan for bringing me on board to help further people's thirst for knowledge and to help tie the fishing community together! I'm truly honored to be a part of Baybass.com.

Dave Garren, Ashburn VA 2/01/13  

I started bass fishing competitively in the late 80's when Baybass was still in elementary school. I was a member of Lots A Luck Bassmasters in Herndon VA for many years. I saw Bryan's capabilities in July of 2012 while at a local lake. I walked down the bank watching him pitch a jig and realized he was a seriously talented fisherman. Bryan is one heck of a good stick. I made sure to talk to him before I left the lake that day. We quickly hit it off and since then he's taught me a lot and inspired me to get back into bass fishing. "Baybass" has become on of my best friends and fishing partners, and his energy and enthusiasm for the sport reminds me of myself years back.

-Marty Sparger, Reston VA  1/17/2013 

My name is Dennis Nease and I live in Centreville Va. I have been bass fishing in the Northern Va area since about 1988 when I got out of the US Army. I started fishing the local lakes in the area, as well as the Potomac River and Fountainhead aka Occoquan Reservoir. My fishing increased and just kept getting more and more frequent to the point I was on the water 6 days a week, even if it was just for a few hours before or after work. As I started meeting more and more people I got into tournament fishing. I started off at the club level with Lots A Luck Bassmasters out of Herndon VA. I then got into the Red Man Circuit Northeastern Division, Va region tournaments, Potomac Teams, and Fountainhead Team circuit. My primary fishing buddy is a very good fisherman by the name of Marty Sparger. I am out of the tournament scene now however I am still on the water at least 4 to 5 days a week.

Recently I met "Baybass" through Marty Sparger who told me about this guy who just slays fish locally in the Reston lakes where I do a lot of fishing. Marty advised me he didn't just meet another bass fisherman who catches fish now and then but he advised me that's this guys Bryan aka "Baybass" is the real deal. "Baybass" and I soon met and started fishing together on a weekly basis. From the very first jig pitch I saw Baybass make I said to myself "hmmm, what do we have here!!" Bryan is a heck of a fisherman not only with largemouth but his knowledge of stripers on the Upper Bay is unmatched. "Baybass" is an expert fisherman and if I ever have to compete against him I sure hope the fish are not on a crankbait bite because I will be in real trouble. Now if its a jig bite or a blade bite, he's got trouble with me in the same boat! If you want to fish the local waters whether you are a beginning fisherman or pro who's new to the area, get in touch with Baybass, and he will put you on the fish. I have fished with a ton of really good fisherman in this area which has great talent. Bryan Novotny of Baybass.com is in the top 3 of the best fisherman I've ever known. The future promises a lot of new and exciting times on the water with him and I hope he decides to go "all in" with a guide service. His reports are actually real and "spot on" and unlike most reports, his are much more detailed and truly informative. I report to him my results on every outing he's not with me, and I assure all of you its all 100% accurate with no exaggerations here folks.

-Dennis Nease, Centreville VA 12/22/2012  Baybass.com Writer

I've known Bryan not for long; I only met him at a local lake a few times 4 months back, but I feel he is an old friend.

I started fishing this summer and fished local lakes for about three months barely getting any fish other than sunfish. It’s been very frustrating. Then I met Bryan at a local lake in Reston. I saw him casting like a pro at the dam and I asked him if he can share some quick tips about fishing. He is so friendly and he taught me the location, the structure under the water, the tackle, and the presentation to get those big crappie and bass, and even better than that, he got his crappie rod out of his car and showed me by himself immediately. And I still remember........ first cast he caught a big crappie, and then he gave it to me (That crappie tasted really good!)

After that, every time I met him, he taught me some additional fishing tips and I got more and more crappie. He is so patient and explained to me why I should use mono line as leader vs. the braided line I use.....he explained it three times (I didn’t understand for the first two times) I am so impressed by his knowledge, skill, and passion about fishing and he is always willing to share all of that and help people learn more and have fun fishing. What an angler!

Good fishing and good luck!

-Yi Yang Herndon, VA 12/17/2012

Bryan Novotny will put you on the fish, and not only will he put you on the fish he will tell you what they are thinking. It is rumored that he secretly has bass gills behind his ears. I've known Bryan since high school (1997) and always heard about his passion and talent regarding bass and striper fishing. This dude is the real McCoy. I've been fishing since I could walk and consider my self a die hard fisherman but having never fished for rockfish out on the upper bay I felt a need to expand to new territory. The first trip I went out by my self - skunked. I heard about Bryan's adventures on the upper bay so I had to give it a try. 1st time we went out - limited out quick (25 knot winds, muddy, freezing cold fronts, nasty). 2nd time - same, all different spots. 3rd time we thought we knew it and went without Bryan - skunked. 4th time went out with Bryan - limited out. Catch the pattern? I don't think I'll go out there again without his guidance, I want to catch fish.

Justin Strautz - Reston, VA 11/02/2011 

Justin and Fish Justin and Fish 2

Over the last several years I have had the unique pleasure and opportunity to fish with Bryan "Baybass" Novotny. It does not seem to matter if we are looking for Rockfish aka Stripers or the Large Mouth Bass, he somehow always knows where they were hiding. During the months of October and November of last year Bryan was able to put us on some serious Stripers. It would be easy for me to say that I have never boated so many Stripers in just a few hours in all my years of fishing. Bryan certainly knows how to navigate the Upper Chesapeake, especially from the Bush River down to Middle River, Back River, and the Harbor area. He seems to know exactly where the fish are around the main bay areas as well all the way south to the Bay Bridge. Earlier this year (2011) Bryan jumped in my bass boat and we entered the Mariner Point Bass Clubs "Cabin Fever" tournament out of Mariner Point Marina in Joppatowne. With Bryan's choice of lures and navigational decisions, we not only won the tournament, be he pulled in the lunker “Big Fish” award as well. Great day on the water for sure. (see pic) It's always a pleasure and a learning experience fishing with Bryan, and I'm always looking forward to our next trip out!

Todd M. (aka Tank) MD 06/11/2011

Todd and Bryan with Fish

I've known Bryan for many years but have just decided to really dive into the DC/Bay area fishing scene. After talking with many peers in the area I was always pointed back to Bryan for his knowledge of what the area has to offer in terms of small ponds to rivers and all the way to the Bay itself for a range of fishing techniques and options. After getting out with Bryan and hitting some local honey holes, I realized that I was definitely pointed in the right direction for guidance. Not only did Bryan put me on to some really great fishing spots for myself and kids, he took the time to meet at a local fishing supply shop and helped me understand all of the different options that were available and how I'd be using each one while also configuring a sweet setup within my budget constraints that I am now currently using for Largemouth’s to Stripers. I would highly advise anyone in the DC/Bay area to contact Bryan on all of your fishing needs as he has a vast knowledge of the Upper Bay with all of its offerings and also down to local ponds and strategies to fish those highly trafficked areas.

Chris Valentine - Fairfax County, VA 4/16/2011

Chris and Fish Chris and Fish 2

Bryan Novotny aka Baybass - A true "guru" Look up the definition for guru, and you'll find several things; * an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader. * any person who counsels or advises; mentor * a leader in a particular field and all of these things can be used to explain Bryan. After posting an anonymous ad on Craigslist looking for a boat, I received a very lengthy email that really baffled me at first. Here's this guy named Bryan, and he's telling me all this stuff about what boat I want, what to look for, how much to pay, what to avoid, and loads of other tips in paragraph after paragraph. Initially, I thought "this guy is a scammer, and he wants to sell me his crappy boat". Ultimately, however, I bought a boat just like his boat (he wouldn't sell me his LOL). I ended up following this stranger's advice and avoided all of the mistakes that new boat owners make. I only spent a few thousand dollars on a boat that completely fulfilled all of my boating and fishing needs. It didn't stop there, Bryan became a great friend and mentor, my leader, and spiritual guide on the water. He advised me on the best rods, reels, lures, colors, days, time of days, currents, moon phases, and a thousand other things (most of which I couldn't even hope to retain). Bryan has a compelling urge to share everything he knows about the water and his love of fishing. He's the kind of guy that would tell you the best place to fish a tournament, even knowing that it could cost him the win.

Mark Neilson, Bethesda MD 1/06/2011

Mark and Son Mark's Boat

Bryan aka BayBass is a stand up guy, who've I've known for over 10 years. He took me out on my first striper fishing trip in the fall of 2011. I hooked up with more then a dozen nice stripers and one 23” hog, all caught as if we were fishing for bass which was fun. Bryan helped me out with all the right tackle and had plenty of great locations to fish. He was very knowledgeable when it came to the fish movements, tides, tackle, rods, reels, and even the types of lines. At the end of the trip Bryan even cleaned and filleted my stripers for me along with giving me a fantastic recipe to cook it. Overall, I give him a 10 out 10 for a great trip. I would highly recommend using Bryan as a guide one day as I know these are his future plans for the business.

I have also linked up with Bryan countless times to go bass fishing. He’s showed me tons of new fishing spots in the Northern Virginia area. I’ve lived in this area my whole life and didn’t even know some of these spots were even there! Bryan showed me a few different fishing tactics that I have never used before and let me tell you.....they have really helped to increase fish quantity and fish size! My favorite has to be top water fishing with a plastic or hollow belly frog. I have never been one for top water but now it's all I use through June to August. There is nothing like watching your frog dance on top of the water with the anticipation of a large bass blowing up on your bait at any minute. Bryan has become my go to guy when it involves anything fishing or boating.

David Castleman, Herndon VA 03/22/2010 

I've been bass fishing my whole life but never met anybody like Bryan aka Baybass. This dude is the real deal. We met through an online forum and became fishing buddies really quick. I'd never been up on the Chesapeake Bay bass and striper fishing before, and I'm glad I had the chance to learn the waters from someone who knows them as well as Bryan. We went out in his Ranger several times in 2010 and 2011 and limited out on Stripers quickly. We also hit the local waters very often since we live so close to each other. I had never punched matted grass until I met Bryan and I never thought I'd be using a 1oz tungston weight to crash through the grass and pads in the local ponds and lakes. I also was able to learn how the tide affects fish movement and feeding which I was unfamiliar with before hitting the Chesapeake Bay with Bryan. Bryan is an overall top notch angler and an absolute monster on the Chesapeake Bay. I might beat him on Lake Anna though! (see pic below) Good luck with the site and I hope you decide to become a guide one day soon, as long as my trips are still free. LOL

Kenny Rogers, Sterling VA 02/03/2010 

Kenny's Lake Anna Hawgs 2010 trip with Bryan on the Bay

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